Digital generation is
building your dreams

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damson ABOUT US () {

Damson is a group of young and ambitious developers. We came together in 2015 to create a small and flexible business, focused on developing software solutions for businesses;


damson WEB () {

Damson will provide a web solution that fits your business. Whether you want your own webshop, a simple webpage, or an interactive service, we can create it for you;


damson APPS () {

iOS or Android – we can develop the apps that your business needs to flourish;



We will do the groundwork for search engine optimization (SEO) on the website we will build for you, the website will be easier found with services as Google, when searched for relevant keywords. We also promote your app or website on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) in order to raise traffic to your website among your potential customers;


damson DEVELOPERS () {

If you need to, you can contact one of our developers to work for you full-time, as a consultant, either locally or from our office;


Let’s talk about your project, we will help you create it